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Wonder for the New Year

Everything… everything contains a pattern.

Whether it’s the algorithm behind the beating of a hummingbird’s wing, recurring DNA codes, fractals within crystals and clouds, or the mathematical framework of music, it would seem that nothing stands outside of intrinsic pattern.

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Acoustic Levitation

We’ve all had the experience of sound thumping powerfully against our hearts — usually at a loud concert or near a construction site.

So we all know sound has strength.

But did we know it has the strength to lift objects?

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When “Seeing What You Want” Isn’t Enough

This photo captures the moment when a boy hears sound for the first time after being fit by doctors with a hearing aid.

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Psychoacoustics is not the study of sound but of how sound is perceived. It is less concerned with how a sound actually sounds than with what someone actually hears. And the divide between these two realities, it turns out, can be astonishingly wide.

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