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Wonder for the New Year

Everything… everything contains a pattern.

Whether it’s the algorithm behind the beating of a hummingbird’s wing, recurring DNA codes, fractals within crystals and clouds, or the mathematical framework of music, it would seem that nothing stands outside of intrinsic pattern.

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From Cell to Orbit

Using super-resolution video, scientists have for the first time captured the swarming madness inside a single living cell. Yet something about the elegantly crazed motion strikes me as familiar.

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Singing with Light (Bulbs)

Can we see sound? Does music possess color, texture, movement? We may never know, but the terrifically inventive work that arose from one artist’s seeking will spark your imagination in new ways.

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Disarming Rhythms

“I believe that the purpose of art is to come up with ways to transform our most negative instincts into creative instincts.”
Pedro Reyes, Artist

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