Backyard Discovery

Early one morning my son and I were stepping outside for yet another lightsaber duel when we noticed something dirtying the couch on our porch.

Had someone spilled coffee?

Or mud splashed up during the recent rains?

Neither seemed right. And the more we looked at “the stain” the more mysterious it appeared.

Well, when we got closer, we were in for a really great surprise.

Lucky for us, we got to spend the next little while watching a newborn crystalline kingdom expand. One dwarfed by our own in size only.

Then, two days later, poof!  It was gone.

With scant evidence of it having been there at all.

We were so happy not to have missed it!

And it gave us a chance to reflect on the true power of “The Force” all around us.

(The super short video below reveals the mystery. To give you a sense of scale, look for the stitching in the fabric. Full screen highly recommended. )


Music: “Crystalline” by Björk


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