Artful Shifts

Art has so many hidden talents. One is certainly the ability to remind us of essential things we have forgotten.

I came across two stunning examples of this recently.

The first is the work of artist Darryl Cox wherein he grafts together ornate picture frames and gnarled tree branches from central Oregon. The result is a disorienting reminder that forms are both gained — and lost –through the artistic process. The work also provides a nod to the raw materials, often forgotten, that lie beneath our every day objects — and the fresh possibilities that arise if/when we recall them.





The second work I came across is that of Hillary Waters Fayle who stitches within and together the most delicate of cloth — that of botanical life.

Through the act of knitting seeds and embroidering leaves she allows us to see both intricacies in new ways. To consider how art and life are alike and how different. And to wonder if other ways might exist for them to cooperate. If nothing else, their visual beauty simply transports the imagination — another of Art’s hidden talents.










Photo credits: Darryl Cox and Hillary Fayle

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