Hidden Connections

Walking through the canals in Venice Beach one early morning, I spotted a lithe older woman out for her daily paddle. It was mesmerizing to watch her.

I wanted to take a photo in order to remember and share the moment, but didn’t feel right about intruding. Then she glided under a bridge and I got the opportunity to capture the memory without disturbing its (or her)  tranquility.

Later, when I got home, I viewed the footage and could really feel the inherent rhythm in her motion. For some reason it reminded me of the piece of music I’d been listening to that week. So I tried putting them together. They instantly synched. Not a second of editing required.

Turns out the image and the music were long-lost soulmates. Twin rhythms.

I love uncovering unseen connections like that. Safe to say I even thrive on it. For me it creates a beauty beyond compare.

No unearthing of any treasure could provide more reward.

Hope you enjoy it as much.

(The clip shows 2 versions. First, the raw footage. Second, accompanied by the Aria from The Goldberg Variations performed by Glenn Gould in 1981, BWV 988.)

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