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A New Word

Do you know what a group of penguins in the water is called?

Brace yourself…

A raft.


Do you know what a group of penguins on land is called?

I almost can’t take it…

A waddle.

I can’t even write it and not smile.

To learn more about these amazing creatures who fly, literally, through the water go HERE.

top photo credit: Ann and Steve Toon Wildlife Photography

bottom photo credit: Kevin Schafer

What We Have in Common

Given the amount of suffering being experienced the world over, it seems wrong to consider any possible benefit that might arise from the pandemic. That said, hope is the only antidote I know for despair. And it’s in the spirit of hope – and a prayer – that I offer this possibility.

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Where We Are

A friend sent me this image recently.

The sculpture was built for the Burning Man festival in 2015 by Ukrainian artist Alexander Milov.

The sculpture, entitled “Love,” was meant as an expression of our inner and outer selves. Particularly how our adult bodies can overshadow our inner children.

However the dilemma it captures strikes a different chord in me during these current (pandemic) times and seems prescient in a way the artist couldn’t have foreseen.

I wonder how many of us are feeling — or have felt, or will feel — the distinctive brand of isolation captured here?

Photo source: Oleg Yarov

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